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Why Don't Snooze Academy™?

Whether you're a parent seeking quality online courses or a school needing rich content for your classes... Don't Snooze Academy™ provides LIFE SKILLS courses that are taught by State certified instructors to bring students the best.

Because COVID-19 has changed the education system forever! Click to listen


Parents who enrolled their children into our courses have a lot to say!


Don't Snooze Academy™ support parents by providing courses that are NOT offered in schools, but are necessary to be successful in life.

Don't Snooze Academy™ courses include money management, effective leadership, entrepreneurship, character building, etc...


Don't Snooze Academy™ provides schools with access to interactive, engaging curriculum that allows virtual & hybrid learning options

In lieu of COVID-19, schools had to make some major changes... our course were created to aligned with those changes and support teachers in the classroom. Our methodology will provide a mental, social and emotional space for academic learning to occur.


"Life Changing Opportunity"

by Nadine Abram, STEP Program Director at College of Staten Island

I believe Don't Snooze on Clues' Entrepreneurship course benefited our students at the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) at the College of Staten Island, beyond what I could have ever imagined. Students from all socioeconomic backgrounds were taught to think outside the box and the sessions nurtured unconventional talents and skills. On a larger scale, this dynamic experience will, undoubtedly, equip them to actively seek out problem-solving opportunities, empathize with others, think creatively and take risks, accept failure as part of the growth process, and appreciate the correlation between hard work and success. For anyone thinking about this offering this course, I firmly believe it's a life-changing opportunity for our young people!​

"Successful Leader and a Powerful Decision Maker"

by Blanca Rajkowski, STEP Program Coordinator at Hofstra University

Whenever I see students grappling with solving the common societal challenges that affect their personal needs, I am always impressed with the type of work our students are generating in the classroom. Particularly with the Life Preparation course offered by Ms. Cairo, where students acquire a voice and an opportunity to make use of business terminology, sales, leadership skills as well as exposure to problem solving techniques that help with conquering real world problems. When I was asked to participate in their final presentation by being a judge in their final Shark Tank presentation, I recognized the research that went into developing their made-up companies, their use of marketing and finance strategies and the connection between personal investment versus their environment. Any student committed to learning from this class will be a successful leader and a powerful decision maker in whatever field they pursue.


We know you have questions and we want to answer...

  • My child knows nothing about these topics

    Great!! We have industry experts who are also parents, so we know how to explain, break down and demonstrate how these topics work in the real world.

  • How much does it cost?

    Every course is NOT created equal... our courses start at $49.99 and up. But we also offer FREE stuff you could take advantage of. We also have special bundle packages for schools and education institutions.

  • How long does my child have to complete the course?

    You have plenty of time... Your child would have unlimited access to the course after payment. So take your time, but don't tell your child that or they may never finish lol.

  • Can my child ask questions if they don't understand something?

    YES! We have a community groups in every course where your child can ask any question and get a response from our team member.